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Smart Energy Production and Smart Grids | The Energy Collective

energy harvesting

New terms and jargon sometimes appear over time. “Sustainable” is one example. From a shorthand description of smart, long term practices applied to fisheries and agriculture to thoughtful consumption embedded into modern society, it has achieved jargon status.


2014: A Positive Sign of What’s to come in Clean Energy


The New Year is a time for reflection, beginning with a look back on the previous 12 months and all that they brought. A quick scan of the U.S. climate and energy news in 2014 will tell you it was a very big year.

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Top 5 Smart Grid Trends of 2014 : Greentech Media

Top 5 Smart Grid Trends of 2014

Enabling smart meters, connecting the smart home, and making distributed solar and storage an integral part of the grid.

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Acing Your Bucket Truck Inspection - Articles - Fleet Management - Articles - TruckingInfo.com

Photo courtesy of Clark Public Utilities.

Responsible for lifting staff high into the air to perform work, there’s no doubt bucket and crane trucks pose greater safety risks than some other fleet units. While they need to be maintained just like other equipment, fleets must also consider other elements for safe operation, such as preventing tip-overs, making sure buckets are securely fastened to booms, verifying aerial devices are working properly, and more. 

That’s why safety inspections for bucket and crane trucks are critical; without them, safety is jeopardized and the risks can be great. 

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Acing Your Bucket Truck Inspection - Articles - Fleet Management - Articles - TruckingInfo.com


Power cuts at 32,000 Yorkshire homes in year of cable theft woe - Yorkshire Post

Overhead power cables
Copper and Cable Theft a real problem in the UK

About 32,000 homes in the Yorkshire region had their power supply interrupted as a result of cable thefts last year, new figures have revealed.
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The electrical grid: A vital yet unsecured part of US infrastructure - TechRepublic

A year-long survey of the US power utility infrastructure revealed that it is woefully insecure, and something needs to be done.

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Art Students Transform Ugly Electrical Towers Into Colorful Lighthouses | Bored Panda


Three art students in Germany have come up with a novel way to beautify ordinarily ugly urban environments. They turned a common electric tower into a makeshift stained glass lighthouse.