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Wordle: Bucket Truck Bonanza

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Welcome to the wonderful world of bucket trucks! My name is Linda and I work for I-80 Equipment doing marketing and advertising.

I-80 sells fully reconditioned bucket trucks & digger derricks to the utility, electrical, tree, sign and maintenance industries.  I'm sure the average person has probably seen a bucket truck in action, usually by the Utility Company or a Tree Company hired to clear branches from electrical lines. However, I'm not sure that most people have seen a Digger Derrick in action, at least I haven't! I'm hoping to change all that. So, if you have any video footage of a Digger Derrick doing pole placement..., PLEASE SHARE!

I'm hoping to make this a fun blog and also to learn more about the trucks that are not only my current vocation, but also from the people that use them!  So please feel free to comment, add your thoughts, share pictures & video, or just educate me in general!


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  1. Yeah I know I-80 and also know I-80 have very good collection about digger digger derricks and doing business from many years.