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Top 10 resources for Truck Buyers and Sellers

Guest Post By: Nadene Evans, Marketing Manager  - Commercial Truck Trader
1) Parts – The folks at LMC Truck have done a  great job with their online parts catalog. Easily searchable.
2) Heavy Duty Trucks for Sale - 28,000 new 7 Used Heavy Duty Trucks on this page
3) Medium Duty Trucks for Sale -  You’ll find around 20,000 units for sale in the medium classes here
4) Light Duty Trucks for Sale - About 40,000 listed. Also try Auto Trader for non-commercial light duty trucks
5) Trucking Industry News - Topix does a great job, also try NATSO Truckers News
6) Top Rated Truck Stops – the Truck Stop Guide is easy to use. Also check out TAC’s Trip Planner.
7) Manuals and Service guides - TruckManuals.com is the only one I refer folks too! Tehy specialize in large trucks as well as equipment manufacturers
8) Truck Dealerships - Use Commercial Truck Trader’s “Find a Dealership” tool
9) Trucking Industry Jobs – I like Careers in Gear and http://www.justtruckingjobs.com/ - if you are looking for payloads, check out vessage.com and truckitsmart.com
10) Truck Discussion forums – Commercial Truck Trader Networking Group on Linked in; UTA
Anything else to add to the list? Leave comments below!
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