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Tips to a More Fuel Efficient Bucket Truck

With gas prices always on the rise, fuel efficiency is a major concern for bucket truckowners across the nation. Bucket truckcompanies are trying to find ways to save money at the gas pumps in an attempt to keep from raising their prices to customers. In an uncertain economy, everyone can benefit from learning some great tips to using less gas and fewer fill-ups every week.  Most of these fuel saving tips can be used by the drivers themselves and should be encouraged by business owners and facility supervisors and managers. Businesses should have their bucket trucks scheduled for routine maintenance throughout the year as one way to promote better fuel efficiency. Other tips include using shorter routes, keeping track of load weights, and using heating and cooling systems less.
Regular maintenance is one of the most important factors in fuel efficiency for all vehicles. Worn spark plugs and even small vacuum leaks can make an engine run harder than it needs to and cuts down the fuel efficiency even more. It’s important to have these items checked each time a bucket truck goes in for a tune up. Tire and alignment are also very important to fuel economy. By making sure the tire pressure and alignment are correct for the truck, it can help keep the gas bill a little smaller at every trip to the convenience store. Bucket trucks that receive yearly tune ups last longer than vehicles that do not. Bucket trucks with routine maintenance also save businesses considerably more gas in the years that they are active.
how to make a utility truck more fuel effecientBucket truck business owners can also encourage their employees to map out shorter routes to their job sites. Planning their trip in advance and saving a few miles on the truck each day can make a huge difference. It may not seem like a lot, but if a driver manages to save 100 miles on the bucket truck each month, that can mean large savings for the company each year. And if drivers save miles on multiple trucks, that can lead to even larger savings. Saving money in any business is a great feat to accomplish and provides satisfaction to all employees concerned.
The size of the load on a bucket truck plays an important role in fuel efficiency. Bucket truck businesses can have employees make sure they do not overload the truck. This can be done by asking drivers not to add any unneeded equipment to the truck, which can take hundreds of pounds off of the bucket truck and save gas money. Employees will also like having fewer items to load and unload as well, so it’s a win-win for everyone. By paying attention to load weight and making sure only necessary items are added to the bucket truck, this tip is easily accomplished and can lead to substantial savings each year.
Another way to conserve gas in a bucket truck is to cut down on the heat and air conditioning usage. Encouraging drivers to use the A/C and heat when it’s only necessary can also save money as well. Cutting down on frequent using of heating and A/C when it’s nice outside may seem like a small task, but it can have huge benefits. Although it may not increase fuel economy as much as smaller load size or tire pressure, it still makes a difference. And saving some money is better than saving none at all.
Boosting fuel economy in a bucket truck is a huge accomplishment for any business to master. Learning these tips and others is a great way to encourage employees saving gas in their own personal vehicles as well. Decreasing the amount of gas consumption is also doing the environment a huge favor. If all businesses and individuals started to be savvier in fuel efficiency techniques, gas bills could be smaller for everyone across the country. In an economy where gas prices are on a consistent rise and employment isn’t always guaranteed, it’s nice to know that there are some ways we can control the amount of money we have to spend on gas every day. Making bucket trucks more efficient is a great way to save money and encourage fuel efficiency for all.


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