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Finding the Right Utility Truck at the Best Price

The right equipment makes all the difference in today's competitive markets. Surpassing the competition requires exemplary service across multiple market segments and this is possible only if you have the right trucks.  A reliable utility truck is not only useful for your business but can represent the ability to do more work which means more profit. Whether you own a small scale business or a large company, the right truck can do wonders when it comes to increasing the efficiency of your work crews. Adding a utility truck to your business can help you get and compete for jobs you otherwise wouldn't.  

The first thing you need is to determine the kind of truck your business requires. Utility trucks come in a variety of makes and models which include bucket trucks, boom trucks, grapple trucks, forestry trucks and digger derricks, to name a few. Different trucks are used for different types of work. Digger derricks are specifically created to dig placement holes for Telephone poles. Bucket trucks are used to elevate workers to a height that's difficult to access by climbing or ladders.  Boom Trucks are used for lifting and securing heavy objects while grapple trucks are used for moving and lifting job site debris.

Once you have decided on the type of utility truck you need, you should start working on your budget. Prices vary in the used equipment market and are determined by the overall quality and condition of the truck. The decision for the type of truck you need depends on the type of work. Bucket Trucks are classified as small, medium and heavy duty.  This correlates to their working height and chassis size.  Larger trucks will inevitably cost more, but depending on the Year, Make, Model and Boom, pricing can be competitive.  Consequently, used commercial trucks don't have a Blue Book Valuation like automobiles do.  Pricing is based on the overall condition of the truck, mileage, hours in service, how old it is and whether it has been reconditioned. 

Prentice F90- 2001 International 4900 Grapple Truck

Purchasing a utility truck is major investment for your company and it's recommended that you know exactly what type of bucket truck you need.  Companies may have different bucket trucks so they can do different types of jobs.  Depending on the work, usually a medium duty bucket truck may be all you'll ever need.  Medium duty bucket trucks typically have a 60 foot working height.  Take care to consider the working height you need before making a purchase because a higher working height might be worth the investment of a more heavy duty truck.  Know your business and know what you need!

Since heavy duty trucks are major investment, most businesses prefer to lease or finance them. If your company is on a tight budget a used truck can be an attractive solution to buying a brand new truck.  The prices of used trucks are considerably less and you can get one that is in good condition and has several years of work life left. Several used truck Dealers specialize in fully reconditioning used utility vehicles which ensures that you're getting a fully inspected, used truck.  Other options include auctions, although this may not be the best method for an individual or small business.  Auctions typically have fees associated with them and transport of the auction vehicle can be difficult if the doesn't have access to a truck transport service.

Doing some research prior to making a huge investment is vital, so do your homework and search the Internet for a company that offers the best used trucks. Whether you require digger, forestry or grapple trucks, you should ensure that the company is offering the highest quality and the best price. While you are at it, you should go about comparing the prices offered so that you can strike the best deals. 

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