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WICS NewsChannel 20 :: News - Top Stories - Crews Battle Elements, Work to Restore Power

At the peak, Shelby Electric Co-op had about 600 customers without power, since then they've been busy trying to get electricity  back on as outages keep popping up.

Most of the time that means going out in the exact same conditions that caused the lines to break in the first place.

"When it gets this cold you get all kinds of challenges," said Brian Chevalier, "lines that break just because it's cold, of course the snow, the drifts, can't get these trucks through them, we don't have 4 wheel drive trucks, we have tire chains."
When they aboslutely can't get the truck to a downed line, they have backup transportation, a Polaris Razr off-road vehicle one of the linemen brought in.
But not having the bucket truck means climbing the pole the old fashioned way, with spikes mounted to their boots.

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